Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hammered Today

I had the right idea to lighten up and step back....

...but botched the execution.

Ideally, I would have done nothing today and re-established my shorts, confidently, after the close.

Instead, I got anxious, and shorted way too soon. Now I'll be trading like a wuss tomorrow; I'll be hoping to just get back half of what I lost today.

Today I bought QID at 68.04, 67.33, and 64.53.

I bought SRS at 88.54, 82.50, and 69.90.

I bought FAZ at 81.30, 75.16, 69.58, and 60.80.

And I shorted GS at 79.46 and 83.68.

So I was looking for daytrades but got stuck with positions! Big ones at that.

Hopefully the market sells off a little tomorrow so I can undo the damage.

Note, the FAZ can't possibly retrace. Even if all the underlying financials gave back today's gains tomorrow,....it would only climb to about 78.00 or 79.00.

Don't believe me? Then plug 12.3% into that formula I computed in - Leveraged ETF Risk.


Taylor Conant said...

"Hope" is for (money-)losers!

(Though I am hoping the market gaps down tomorrow too... not to get my money back, but to make some!)

SRS, FAZ, SDS, QID and DXD all around 12:20pm PST today! Cooooooome crappy stock market!

CaptiousNut said...

I knew today would be bounce-less when this comment hit my inbox last night.

Taylor Conant said...

Hey, are you callin' me a bad luck charm or somethin'?

Time to start the Taylor Contrarian Indicator Newsletter?

CaptiousNut said...

Just let me know your trades as they happen - so I can make the necessary adjustments to my portfolio.


Taylor Conant said...

Okay, I'll start twittering pre-trade so you can front-run on me!