Monday, March 16, 2009

The Swing-Set Botch

I've got two adjacent neighbors who've recently put up swing-sets for their brats - though they hardly ever use them.

I remember a guy from my trading pit, whining about having to spend $4,000 on a swing set for his little girl. "Can't you get one for a grand or so?", I asked.

"Yeah, one that'd be conspicuously inferior to everyone else's in the development," he moaned.

It may be easy to be a sheep, but it sure ain't cheap!

Then just this weekend I talked to two other guys who were depressed about buying and installing swing-sets that their kids barely touched.

I'd never buy a swing-set; that's what parks are for.

New parents need a manual on pitfalls to avoid. They strangely feel like their kids will be deprived without all the trappings of a middle (upper) class, suburban lifestyle.

I haven't stack-ranked them yet, but swing-sets may be pretty high up there on the list of dust-gathering products almost all Morons buy - pretty close to that treadmill-turned-clothes-hanger.

These things can be a b*tch to assemble too. I watched my one neighbor (and his 'old coot' father) spend about 10 hours putting up their still-unused swing-set.

The swing-set pictured above is *on sale* for $8,600. I know which side of that transaction I want to be on, how about you?

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