Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Book Rec - The Bible

Last June I started reading an annotated study Bible that I received for Christmas 2007. I just finished up the Old Testament this evening and I want to say, that everyone should read this *dusty* old book.

If you haven't read the most influential book ever written, realize you're wearing a definitive badge of ignorance.

Personally, I've learned that my entire life has been mistakenly spent in pursuit of wealth, toys, amusement, and material comfort.

And the good book has also helped me grapple with my well-deserved egomania.

My plan was to finish the entire book within a year. So hopefully I'll be through the New Testament by June.

UPDATE - See - Finally Done!


Anonymous said...

When your done with that I recommend God Delusion.

Michael Davey said...

I guess life has been rough for you short sinners this month ;

CaptiousNut said...


The first two weeks of March were actually pretty good - even if the money is now long gone.

I find it hard to complain about p&l fluctuations because I've read enough history now to know what *real suffering* is.


I'll read the God Delusion if you read the Bible. Deal?

DA said...


Don't you think that both you and Anonymous will conclude that the other guy's book is wrong?


CaptiousNut said...

One can only *conclude* after reading the book, no?

There are plenty of timeless philosophical treatises written on *God* and *religion*.

So why should anyone go with a potboiler?

Anonymous said...

I have read a decent chunk of the bible, and had a hebrew class whilst getting my edumakation.

It is an amazing literary work. Someday I will find the time to finish it. Props to you for completing it. Most people are not so disciplined nor curious.

I also find it an extremely humbling read. But many books raise such introspective behavior.

The old testament seems to have too many parallels with Bhagavad Gita and tales passed on from Zoroastrianism.

Oh and Adam and Eve's kids... who did they mate with during their 400 year lives??? Perhaps incest is gods chosen method of reproduction? Is this a logical conclusion to draw? If so, then Mississippi and West Virgina really are the righteous states.

I'm just being a jive turkey now so I'll stop.

I do enjoy your blog and ability to pierce through other jive turkies.