Friday, March 20, 2009

Organic Death - The Way To Go

The Brazilian wandering spider will kill you in 25 minutes - especially in Tulsa, Oklahoma where the antidote might not be found on the shelves of local apothecaries.

Here's the story.

Now my paternal grandfather passed, jeez, 18 years ago now. He had a heart attack while mowing his lawn.

The consensus sympathy was that...that was the way to go. It's far better to die while active and doing stuff rather than to croak after a long rotting tenure at Last Lap Living.

That perspective definitely has merit - and I used to be in full agreement.

Though now, I'm wondering if there's perhaps not a better way to bid adieu to this cruel world....

Oddly, the Brazilian spider delivers more than a painful bite that sends most victims to the hospital. Researchers have found its venom also stimulates an hours-long erection in men.

Patients not only experience overall pain and an increase in blood pressure, they also get an uncomfortable erection.

In Brazil, emergency room staff can immediately spot the victims of a bite.

"The erection is a side effect that everybody who gets stung by this spider will experience along with the pain and discomfort," said study team member Romulo Leite of the Medical College of Georgia, presumably speaking only about male bite victims.

No pain (and discomfort) gain, right?

After learning this, why would anyone ever hang themself?


auntulna said...

It's maybe better than being killed by a jellyfish in Mexico, which just happened to someone I knew this past weekend.

CaptiousNut said...

Crap. Sorry to hear that.