Monday, March 30, 2009

My Crazy Parents - 1 - Tiny Pics

MyMother - People keep emailing me pictures but they're always so small....I don't know how to make them *bigger*.

I didn't fully understand what she was saying at first, but later on figured it out.

She thought the thumbnail previews were the pictures!

Enlarging/downloading/viewing attached pics is so fundamentally easy, I wasn't even sure if I remembered the specific way to do so. I think we just click on them, right?

For far too long I have *sat on* the fount of Marginalization content that is my parents.

Those days are over - especially in light of the fact that my mother recently told me that she doesn't read my blog because, "You're not nice to me on it".

So when was the last time I ripped my mother on this blog? I can't remember. My father, yes, but she hasn't been targeted at all. I swear these 'old coots' live in a world of make-believe.

Regardless, it annoys me that my mother is so self-absorbed; my blog may be many things, but it certainly ain't *about her*. And it annoys me that she has no interest in a substantial part of my life. What type of mother doesn't want to know what their kid is up to anyway?

So they'll be no more tongue-biting, no more choking on good blog material.

Heck, it's been two years since I even clubbed my father:

Marginalizing My Father

The Jurassic Butterfly Effect

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