Monday, March 09, 2009

Trades - March 9th, 2009

First see today's intraday update.

Up early this morning, I sold the extra SRS that I had bought on Friday at 99.00. This morning's *Dow futures down 100* gave me the opportunity to dump it at 104.00. [Actually, a couple of points higher!]

Ya know, there was a time when the pre-market and after-hours trading kicked my butt.

But these days, I'm dominating!

For trades today:

I bought STP at 5.53. Remember I flipped this one nicely last year - from 5.80 to 11.80 or so.

And I traded AMZN a bit.

I shorted at 62.30 and 63.11, covered at 61.50.

Then I shorted again 62.42 and covered at 61.31.

Lastly, unable to help myself, I bought at little SRS back at 98.50. My position in this ticker was effectively reduced by two-thirds today.

There was some real good trading out there today. Michael Davey had a couple of killer trades. I particularly wished I aped his AAPL short this morning.

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