Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Reverse Digestion - Eating Puke

Sort of looks like your bathroom floor that time you ate a fully loaded pizza and then chased it with too much vodka, doesn't it?

It's some *healthy crap* my wife made and is eating all week long. Yeah, lunch AND dinner, all week.

Her mother, my MIL, as an anti-healthy glutton as there is, while not yet in her grave, she's spinning nonetheless. She'll probably even drop her bag of cheese doodles seeing the picture above.

I remember once, back in the summer of 1994, covering the entire coffee table of my apartment (39th and Chestnut, Philadelphia) one morning with vomit. I was astounded at how intact the green peppers from the prior night's pizza were. It was almost as if I *inhaled* the thing!

[87% chance Slow Rion emails me on the side for the recipe.]


Anonymous said...

This was a nothing post...just to get to your 'goal'...pathetic.


Taylor Conant said...

We get it, ya old coot, it looks disgusting...

...but how does it taste?

Don't forget that a cow's shoulder, when raw, looks like a disgusting piece of road kill before it's grilled up into your delicious, juicy, mouth-watering burger. TASTE is important, as important, as presentation!

CaptiousNut said...


No goal this month.

Last month I set *100* as the target and quit at noon on Saturday when I could have easily put up two more *nothing posts* to get to 100, jabroni.

I would ideally like to put up 100 each month, but March will be tough. My taxes (capital gains) are going to consume me.

AND, my real *goals* and *motives* are top secret!


I wouldn't even smell that nasty conglomeration of weeds - no less taste it.

Post a link to a pic of a cow's shoulder all raw. I couldn't find one.

Taylor Conant said...


Beef Cut Diagram Pic
The hamburger meat comes from the chuck, in the shoulder of the cow. When it's raw, it looks like this:

Raw Ground Chuck

Have you ever ate a burger? Do you cook?

CaptiousNut said...

No, I don't eat and don't cook!

That hamburger wasn't gross. I thought maybe you had something ickier.

Taylor Conant said...

My comment was partially tongue-in-cheek as I am a meat lover and I daresay I get sweaty palms just looking at a finely marbled, raw New York Strip I'm about to grill up mean and tasty.

Don't eat and don't cook? Ehhhhh... good thing your wife knows how to cook you thankless, shiftless IngrateNut.

Anonymous said...

I already have the recipe.

Slow out

Anonymous said...

So you don't cook but do you grill? Big difference.


Which steak do you prefer?

Ribeye or Porterhouse.

Ribeye is a better value and the extra fat gives it the edge over the porterhouse...Throw a little olive oil and basil on it and 7 minutes a side...


Taylor Conant said...


To be honest, I prefer whatever is on sale at the market that week! Call it Depressionary Culinary Economics, or call it just plain cheapness, but I am confident enough with my kitchen skills to let my wallet guide my stomach each week. If I can get it at a discount, that's what I'll be eating!

Case in point: having a coworker and his wife over for dinner on Friday night... veggies are fairly cheap all around so I feel I have some leeway in putting together a side dish ensemble of my choosing (I'm thinking glazed carrots and oven fries) but when it comes to the meat I'll be grilling, I haven't decided if it's going to be chicken or beef, or even which cut of beef, until I get to the market and see what's (fresh and) cheap.

To answer your question a little more specifically, however, let's just say I'm not afraid of a little extra fat and that I in fact appreciate the added taste of a nicely-marbled piece of meat. I like your preparation suggestion. I often go for the simply grilled flavor of crushed black peppercorns and kosher salt, or an overnight marinade in some sauce and a minced garlic coating. I have this cookbook (the New Best Recipe) I've been working with recently, though, and I have an itching to try one of their beef dry rubs and see what kind of luck I have with that.

So many choices!

Anonymous said...


I have a butcher close to the house and I swear he puts crack in his marinades. The problem, he has jacked the prices on me like a typical drug dealer. It was worth the $7.50 a pound for steak tips and $2.99 a pound for chicken breasts because it was so good. But now he wants $9.99 a pound for steak tips and $4.50 for chicken. I have been heading to the super market and marinading it myself although I haven't found a great marinade yet. My wife likes the Jack Daniels old no 7 barbecue sauce but I am not sold on it. I will keep looking and when I hear a friend visited the butcher, I just happened to drop in and visit as the meat comes off the grill...Kfell

Anonymous said...

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