Thursday, March 12, 2009

Morons Are Recession-Proof

For three years now I've been anxiously awaiting a housing market correction here in the Boston area.

But all I've been met with is perennial disappointment.

A local *realtor* recently fired out this article to me titled - Top Ten Recession-Proof Towns - as if THAT was going to get me to part with my cash.

It's pretty amazing to see that some locales have allegedly experienced housing price gains *since the market peak*.

[Note that the real estate propaganda today mostly reports *median* sales which have been skewed higher by the decrease in low-end transactions.]

Regardless, being *recession-proof* may make great marketing for pushy agents and magazines dependent on advertising, but it may not be quite enough.

The question is, are these town/houses *Depression-proof*?

Time will tell.

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