Thursday, July 16, 2009

Best Smells

Yesterday I was trying to construct a hierarchy of *best smells*.

For me, it'd include cut grass, gasoline, burning charcoal, and cigar smoke.

But I think frying-BACON wins the day with me.

A few years ago, we went to a wedding out on Block Island. Staying at one of those bed-and-breakfasts, we arose the next day starving AND extremely hung-over and went downstairs for our breakfast. Now the entire downstairs was drenched with the aroma of bacon, yet it turned out to be a most cruel mirage.

It wasn't for us. The bacon was frying on the other side of the closed-off kitchen; it was effin' for the family/proprietor. Its smell tortured us while we pecked at a thoroughly unsatisfying Continental breakfast - a meal that should rightfully be banned by law.

But getting back to smells....

I'm sure some of you wage slaves and dysfunctioning adults would nominate *brewing coffee* as one of the better smells. Even though I like the smell and taste of this narcotic, I have long refused to drink it if for no other reason than to distinguish myself from the lumpen masses.

My wife insists that not only does *the Fall* emit a scent, but that it smells good. Me, I've never detected what the bleep she is talking about.

Here's another that I've never been able to detect:

On the food front, I like rosemary, horseradish, and the smell of simmering meat-based pasta sauces. And I do like the smell of Manhattan's Chinatown for some odd reason. It's a curiously blend of fish, roasting ducks, and trash.

I'm sure I'm missing a whole bunch of stuff so I'm going to have to think some more on this.

Then we'll do a *Worst Smells* post - though perhaps with closed/modified comment section.

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