Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I Must Be Getting Even Younger

So I've been hearing this catchy tune on the radio. Something about *climbing a mountain*. I figured it was a Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood type of singer. I thought it may have even been contemporary Christian rock or Country music. All I had were hunches.

But then a buddy informed the other night, amidst some drinks and bar noise, that the song was "Miley Cyrus....Hannah Montana" - and I didn't get around to processing that *dissonance* until just now.

Now I had no idea who Miley Cyrus was; but I did know that Hannah Montana was some Disney sensation adored by 10 year old girls.

Turns out, as I just learned, that they are one and the same person. They are both monikers for the, now 16 year old chick.

Whatever, the song is pretty darn good. I'm man enough to admit that I'm now a fan of the same singer as my nieces. Heck, I'll even volunteer to take them to a concert!

Clearly, my newfound, objective open-mindedness is fraught with risk!

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