Friday, July 24, 2009

Smacked Down By Another Precocious Homeschooler

The other day my son casually mentioned to me that something - which escapes my memory - was *made in China*.

I asked him how he knew that.

PrinceC-Nut - [silence]

CaptiousDad - HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT WAS MADE IN CHINA??? Is it written somewhere?

PrinceC-Nut - No DAAAAAD!!! [rather perturbed at my probing]

CaptiousDad - Well then how do you KNOW it was made in China?

PrinceC-Nut - BECAUSE....[pause]....BECAUSE everything's made in China, Dad!


So I glanced at the screwdriver in my hand. Sure enough, you can infer what three words were emblazoned on it.

This exchange was a virtual déjà vu of the last one I had with a homeschooler.

See the tail end of - Homeschoolers - Winning The Diversity Bee Too!

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