Monday, July 20, 2009

Idleness Explanation

My wife snapped the above *blog material* in downtown Plymouth, Massachusetts the other day.

I've been super busy with golf, the beach, and a moderately-sized inlaw invasion.

You see, we've finally had some AVERAGE weather here in New England:

Dismal skies ruled the month from one end to the other with none of the 30 days classified as sunny. May 25 was, by definition, the last sunny day before July 5, a stretch of 40 days.

Sunny days are defined as a day with between 0 and 30 percent cloud cover. A cloudy day has between 80 and 100 percent cloud cover with a partly cloudy day left with everything in between. A typical June should give us six sunny days, 12 partly cloudy and 12 cloudy days.

Apparently it was the least sunny June up here in 106 freakin' years!

The inlaws are leaving presently but y'all will still have to compete with outdoor activities for my attention for a few more weeks....before the snow returns anyway.


OSR said...

Doesn't winter start up there next week?

CaptiousNut said...

Soon. Very soon.

Now's about the time we start to lose daylight rapidly.