Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Homeschooling Update - Grade 3 Division

If you want to see what my 4.6 year old is doing, at 9pm, IN JULY, then click the graphic to enlarge.

About a month ago, in Looking Ahead, I threw up the following pic of Kumon's math series:

The problem I had was, that when I got to the Grade 3 books last week, I noticed that they were not only mostly review (half the pages!), I saw that the learning curve seriously flattened out. Going from adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers to 4-digit numbers hardly merits so much attention and repetition. So I've decided for the moment to skip Grade 3 - Addition & Subtraction.

AND, the next book, Grade 3 - Multiplication was also found to be a waste of time. Again, it was all review. At the very end of it, they were just getting to writing out a multiplication table....but only up to *9*. That we've already been doing - and up to *14* no less for a few months. See - Who Needs Textbooks.

So I started Grade 3 - Division last week. As you can see, we are blazing through it. With 38 pages left, and doing 5-6 per day....

Prince C-Nut himself can tell you that we'll be on to the Grade 4 series in 6-7 days!

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