Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Glance At Today's Referrals

I haven't really been watching my stats that much these days. One, because I'm swamped. And two, because I'm trying to just put my nose to the grindstone and blog. I have my ambitious goals in terms of a daily hit number by year-end and still have some work to do to get there.

But today I took a peek and noticed someone, a bobbiethomas(?), Twitted a link to one of my posts. Whether or not it's my first hit from Twitter I don't know; it's the first one I've seen anyway.

Again, should I be a twit and start Twittering? I remain unsold on the notion.

Apparently Ken Fisher reads my blog!

That's surprising considering I Marginalized him in the hiney but good.

Okay. Maybe, just maybe it's not Ken.

More likely, it's one of his employees that hates his smugness' guts!

And lastly, I noticed I'm steadily climbing the search results for Microsoft's new search engine,,....for *teen breasts* anyway!

They've indexed, quite highly for such a no doubt rich subject, this pic of John Kerry from a recent post of mine - Marginalizing Swivel-Heads.

So, or

Remember that inanity, thirtysomethings?

Just imagine all the pervs out there browsing for dirty pics of *teen breasts* and whatnot....imagine them jumping for joy now they have another powerful search engine at their disposal!

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