Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Scared of Moi?


So, about an hour ago I just had a woman come to my house to buy something I had advertised on Craigslist.

She came to the door waving money but seemed hesitant to come in. So I implored her. She wanted to inspect the item first, right?

She tiptoed one step in and I reached to close the door because it was pouring out (again!) and that's what I generally do - I CLOSE DOORS (on account of the environment).

But as I was doing so, she reached out and blocked the door. She blurted out, "My husband is in the car!"

Okay. Now this all happened so fast. I retrieved the item, handed it to her, she threw the money on my counter and ran out.

It wasn't until she was ten steps out of my door that I realized what was going on.

She was petrified to come in my house.

And for some reason it really pissed me off even though she acted exactly how I would want my wife to act in such a situation.

Regardless, just to mess with these worrywarts, the next time I sell something I am going to answer the door topless and in my BVDs....

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panner said...



I'm sure it was just seeing your mug that confirmed all fears. And with your hand gestures, she probably thought you were fixing to club her.

She must have been half way decent though, no? I mean, to presume that someone would be interested - she's gotta have a rack or something tempting.

If she was ugly, you could just chalk it up to another craigs list freak. You guys are all whacko. I see you in the local parks meeting "casual encounters".

Ooops, I mean....