Thursday, July 09, 2009

What Cougars?

I had never even heard the term *cougar* until last year when someone used it to describe vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

But since then, the word has been everywhere; amazingly, a word that implies *horned old broad* has become mainstreamed. We've sure descended a long way in our public dialogue from when saying *heck* on low def television spurred an outrage.

Now, I'm well aware that network and cable TV are veritable cauldrons of filth these days. Still I was blown away when I saw an ad for an upcoming ABC show titled Cougar Town. That's the *Disney* network, right?

And, I was somewhat surprised to see a recent Newsweek article titled:

This is freakin' crazy, no?

Is this going to be Sarah Palin's legacy?

So get this. There's a restaurant/bar nearby that has the reputation of being a *cougar bar*. Hearing all this cougar talk I just HAD TO check it out. I mean, I'm relatively new to suburban, married-with-kids living. The guys who told me about this place made it like it was a real spectacle to behold. Even though I'd been in a jillion bars across the land, perhaps there was a drinking sub-culture I'd yet to witness?

So I went one Thursday night and saw next to nothing - not a cougar in sight. Figures.

But my research into this sweeping phenomenon is ongoing:


It lasts less than a minute....

And Cougars mate 50-70 times per day!

BTW, Sarah Palin is only 45 years wife and I concur that, if anything, she's better described by that lewd acronym popularized by American Pie. Click here for the gutter etymology. [Warning - Adult Language]

Lastly, I just found the preview of Cougar Town:

A Courtney Cox fan AND a Desperate Housewives addict....I just don't see how my wife doesn't watch this show.


OSR said...

I've got the cougar bar beat. In my community, there is a single's bar for the 50-60s crowd. It's also one of the better Chinese restaurants in the area. There's nothing like getting propositioned by grandma's in fishnets when picking up a latenight order of lemon chicken.

CougarCooking said...

BTW,it isn't Disney, try ABC Television...And the word has morphed into a distinct demographic of women who exercise,eat right, and wear the same clothes as their teenage daughters...
Like me...
I still turn heads, and get hit on by all ages of men...
I'm youthful looking and acting, and I'm not alone...I'm part of the demographic I spoke of...I'm 51...ChefMelinda

CaptiousNut said...


Send us young fellas a pic so we can assess the verity of your comment. It's *myname* at gmail. Thanks.