Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Crazy Parents - 4 - The Cluttered Fridge

No. I'm not talking about the outside - though THEY are invariably guilty on that count as well.

I'm talking about the inside:

Who are THEY?

THEY are my parents, your parents, and the rest of the 'old coot'/'old bag' demo.

By my rough estimate, my crazy parents have 15 different salad dressings in their fridge. Even a vegan glutton would take considerable time in turning over that inventory!

This is how it always goes....

I show up for a weekend stay at my parents' house - as I did this past Sunday night. I've got a small cooler full of food for my finicky, allergy-riddled brood to eat but there's never, EVER any room in their fridge for *guests*.

I've tried mockery more times than I could count - they simply don't care or are utterly incorrigible. I've even been known to throw out a bottle of *dated* salad dressing on the sly but that's more of an angry gesture than an efficacious cure.

One can't fight these things....just bring plenty of ice and leave it all in the cooler.

Cuz there's certainly no room for cubes in their freezer either.

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