Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stimulate Thy Neighbor...

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Would you believe that I couldn't find this Union Leader article online?

The Boston Herald also ran it but it's lost somewhere in their *paid archives*.

This makes me feel like an 'old coot'....trafficking in clipped-out newspaper articles and whatnot.

So I now feel compelled, for the good of state, to manually input the whole thing:

Bay State passes a stimulus bill for N.H.

by Al Girolamo

I just wanted to thank the Massachusetts Legislature - and the governor - for doing all they could to stimulate the New Hampshire economy.

I know they all worked long and hard hours to help us by seeing that the new 25 percent increase in sales tax would pass - and pass successfully it did!

But the bonus your state gave us with the increase in alcohol and meals tax was unexpected!

Also, the additional support your state gave us by mandating that the tracks in Revere and Raynham be closed couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you!

Seabrook residents are dancing in the streets as they wait to greet their new Bay State patrons to Greyhound Park. As we speak, vendors are increasing their inventories to meet the increased demands that will be placed on sales of everything from gas to cigarettes to beer, home goods and God knows what else.

And the best is that many of your state's welfare dollars will now be spent here thanks to that generous gesture of giving free cars to welfare recipients. Those who used to walk or take the train to Wonderland can now drive to Seabrook. We also appreciate your including free insurance and AAA membership for them. Because although New Hampshire is a non-mandatory insurance state, it's good to know that welfare recipients driving their free cars to Seabrook will be able to cover any property damage they may cause. And the tow companies are pleased with you providing them free AAA because if there is an accident or breakdown, they have a guaranteed paying customer.

Wow! It's like Christmas came early, and what better timing in the middle of a recession! I expect this will have an effect on unemployment figures here too, the increase in business will mean new jobs.

Yes, Massachusetts has done so much to help us bring major businesses to our state that I feel that we owe you a debt of gratitude that cannot be expressed in words. It brings tears to my eyes when I drive through border towns like Seabrook and Plaistow and see the parking lots full at Home Depot, Sam's Club, TJ Maxx, Lowes, Best Buy and Staples. Our restaurants too are busy due to your state's unprecedented generosity. It's a modern day Marshall Plan.

Just one more thing, and I hate to ask, considering all of the sacrifices that your citizens have already made on our behalf. But do you think that you could OK that 19-cent-per-gallon increase in the gas tax that the governor proposed? It would go a long way to help our gas station owners.

Again, my personal thanks to Gov. Deval Patrick, legislators and all of you wonderfully generous taxpayers and citizens of Massachusetts to whom we are eternally grateful.

Al Girolamo is a business owner in Hampton, N.H.

Note that some of that article refers to Massachusetts' recent banning of dog racing. The eco-pagans here were aghast at the alleged inhumane treatment of canines.

See - Massachusetts - More Morons Than Your State.

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