Friday, July 10, 2009

Marginalizing Swivel-Heads


Hah! Drudge has that pic up on his frontpage - and he'll probably leave it there for a while.

It turns out, not only was the messiah caught looking, mouth agape, the young lady happens to be only 16 years old!

Of course, ABC News shockingly goes to bat for him: of those times when a picture can be misleading. The president was on a higher step and was stepping down -- so he looked down to assure his footing as the woman was walking up the stairs.

It is freakin' hilarious. Not only do these public figures have to watch what they vote on, what they say, etc....they have to be mindful of reflexive glances on account of ubiquitous photographers.

But still, Obama demonstrated his pervasive ineptitude.

First of all, swiveling one's head is a juvenile tack.

Everyone knows the importance of sunglasses; and moving EYES ONLY.

Okay, maybe every red-blooded male except for Senator John Kerry.

What I do, when walking with my wife is I always lag ever so slightly behind - for unencumbered, unwitnessed swiveling. One has to be polite, no?

And, for my advanced maneuver, when I espy a possible *target* in the distance, I turn my entire body into a position facing the forward vector of the chick/M1LF/cougar. This way, as they walk by I achieve maximum, unsuspected viewing pleasure.

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