Thursday, July 16, 2009

Socialization - Lesson 2

Recently I was out boozing with a pack of dudes who really don't know each other.

Apparently one guy took to mentioning how *hot* his wife was.

Now this is wholly inappropriate talk - especially in that setting.

In my experience, guys who talk about the attractiveness of their wives are always *compensating*. Usually the trophy, if in fact she is one, is some wack-a-do broad. Usually she's small-minded, either doesn't or can't work, and has that previously articulated flaw of no female friends. And, often times the marriage is not the happiest. Can you say SELF-DELUSION?

The next time some butt-clown starts telling me how hot his life-partner is....

I'm going to come back in my trademark fashion - OVER-THE-TOP:

CaptiousNut - Yeah, bro. She is a fine piece of @$$. Her *(&*s are amazing; so is her ^@#@. I'd love to $%^# that!

Because....that's precisely the impression they want to make, no?

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west coast martini man said...

when you say that kind of stuff, in my experience, they get all salty.

CaptiousNut said...


west coast tom. said...

Husband: my wife is so effin' hot.
Me: yeah, I'd bang her in more ways than you can imagine.
Husband: all kinds of salty, if not down right indignant remarks.

For example.