Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Big, Nasty, And OLD

I don't really follow team sports much anymore, except for the Boston Celtics, but I did hear that pitcher Randy Johnson just retired.

He retired?

I couldn't believe he was even still playing. I remember seeing him pitch when I was in middle school a couple of decades ago, I think.

Looking at the stats of his freaking 22 year(!) career, I'm thinking that he might very well have surpassed Roger Clemens in terms of stature - that is, if Clemens is demerited slightly for the steroids.

Randy was a decent pitcher from the get-go, so I wouldn't say that him equaling or surpassing a wall-to-wall superstar like Clemens is exactly a *grasshopper v. ant* or *tortoise v. hare* story.

But still, it is amazing how by merely plodding away over time, sometimes by just *hanging around*, people of longevity do achieve great things.

And I think that's an important life lesson, that we should all be mindful of. Patience...

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