Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Boston Globe - Full Of Nothing!

Check out today's Boston Globe...

Cake, chicken, soup, meatloaf, and hot chocolate have been decreed, by its readers, its most important content today!

I feel like we are just about due for another round of labor strife/budgetary cuts for the Globies...

The New York Times Co., parent of the Globe, recently reported *income*. Here I have the predictably interesting, AND cryptic, article where the company reports on itself!

But some of the relevant numbers were in fact in there:

The New England Media Group’s advertising revenue fell 20.3 percent in the quarter, to $62.6 million.

Price increases at the Globe last year boosted the New England group’s circulation revenue by 8.5 percent in the quarter, to nearly $44 million. The higher prices more than made up for a decline in the number of papers sold.

Now I don't know how they can cheer-lead about the tiny boost in circulation income.

Let's put some real numbers on that.

The circulation revenue went up by $3.26 million.

But advertising revenue fell by $15.65 million!

Ad spending is dropping anyway, but when you raise the newsstand price, you automatically shed readership (negative sloped demand curve); and fewer readers, automatically lowers the ad rates for those few remaining, Moronic sponsors.

*More than made up*....I think not!

Click here - for my master link on the embattled Boston Globe.

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