Sunday, February 21, 2010

Water-Boarding My Landlord

And y'all thought my *eviction chronicles* were over...

Recall that I just found out the house I rent is going to auction - so my landlord's LIE that we *have until October* has been exposed.

And recall that when he was trying to evict me, I found out my water bill (which he is SUPPOSED to pay) was 9 months delinquent and that shutoff was pending. So I paid that $867.44 bill with the intention of one day deducting it from my rent. You see, I'd do anything just to make sure HE doesn't get my rent money. What he would of done, perhaps, if he made any payment at all would be to throw a minimum payment in the direction of the utility. Instead, I effectively made him pay it all!

I hadn't told him about this....until Friday night. As can be expected, he went ballistic. He said he *never got a shutoff notice*. Yeah, right! And he was demanding to know, over text-messages, why I paid it. I typed up a response and then erased it. Screw him. I paid what he was supposed to pay. The money is coming out of his end no matter what. He doesn't deserve an explanation, nor can I get bogged down in this BS when there are other matters at hand to reconcile - i.e. me possibly getting kicked out of here by the bank or a new owner....RIGHT AT THE START OF SUMMER. We live in a freakin' beach town; I'm not going to suffer the 6 month winter only to pack up and leave in June!

I simply cannot tell when the auction is based upon the legal notice I saw in the newspaper. The only date on it was March 15th - which was listed as a deadline for *contesting* the bank's seizure. As far was what that means for auction date I haven't been able to infer. But I have to assume, to be on the safe side, that my house could be sold in mid-late March, and that I'd get a 60-90 notice from the new owner, and might have to leave, as I said above, right at the start of summer.

Aside from getting booted out earlier than I'd like, there's also the financial aspect of it. This scumbag landlord still technically owes me: the $867.44 water bill, about $320 in interest, and my $2,500 last month's rent. I fully intend to AT LEAST get all that back.

Water-boarding *negotiation* over my lease and financial matters will take place this afternoon - expect him to blow his lid to a new 52 week high. As always, I'll keep y'all abreast.

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Paul Mitchell said...

I have no clue why reading these posts gives me so much pleasure, because I know that it simply must be stressful on your end. But, I would thoroughly enjoy seeing landlord losing his composure through one of these encounters. It has to be maddening on his end.

CaptiousNut said...


It's not just you. Everyone keeps asking me for updates. I end up talking about this clown for a good portion of each day.

I was out boozing the other night and my tales had ten guys' rapt attention. I kept trying to end the discussion but they kept asking me questions!

He should be here in an hour or so. I am doing my deep breaths right now; trying to coach myself to stay calm.

Anonymous said...

Check with your county or district sheriff for when the auction is.

CaptiousNut said...


Thanks. I'm going to call the court tomorrow. Maybe someone there can help me out.