Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Healthy Humility Reminder

That's what my aching back feels like at the moment!

I was sitting down on the floor the other day, just about to start my yoga....I leaned forward ever so slightly when my back wretched.

I was screaming and couldn't get off the ground for almost five minutes.

This happened to me once before in the course of my yoga - last year when I was trying to reach my toes from a sitting position.

Over the nearly 11 years since my initial injury, I've had a handful of these kinds of incidents. It's not fun. I can hardly put my socks on and my shoes have been untied since Sunday morning. Even sitting in this $900 ergonomic desk chair has been painful.

Hence the recent low blog output...

It's feeling a little better each day. I should be fine in a week or two, I hope.

But when it happened, it was so painful I wondered whether or not I've swung a golf club for the last time. One can eat right (organic!), wear their seatbelt, and exercise all they want - but still, their health and well-being remains essentially out of their hands. In that sense, the flash of excruciating pain indeed felt like a lightning bolt from above.

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neil said...

You've got plenty of time before the golf course is clear to play up here. Hope the back feels better soon.

CaptiousNut said...

I think I played last year in late March!

Drove down to Newport, RI this weekend....guys were out playing in Middletown or whatever that town right outside is called. I think they play year-round there.

I have a very modern golf swing; it's upright and involves little back stress. Even in worst pain I've ever experienced, I could still swing; although, the pain came afterwards. Adrenaline?

neil said...

adrenaline is actually a trade name for epinephrine-way to give out the free ads ;)

jeremy said...


I read the book and the exercises work pretty good.

Anonymous said...

"a lightning bolt from above"

If some imaginary super-being were in the practice of flinging lightning bolts, it would use them to fry what's left of your increasingly empty noggin.