Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Fascist Moms...

Here's my kind of mom:

Hah! The stones on these brats dictating *5 MORE MINUTES* to the people that pay for the over-head roof, the food,...

Full Disclosure - I once tried to smash my snot-nosed nephew's computer (albeit, one that I had given him). But all I ended up with was a semi-broken big toe!

For sure, these kids today(!) all have *unhealthy* addictions to their computers and cell phones, pPods or whatever they're called.

But in fairness, a lot of adults (big kids?) are getting just as bad.

The bars are notorious, but last Friday I was at some uppity restaurant with my wife. I saw several couples there with heads immersed (interred?) in their Blackberrys. The guy next to us divided his attention equally between his wife and his freakin' PDA that was placed prominently an inch to the right of his plate! IT WAS FRIDAY!

I'm at the point now where I'm itching to *confront* some of these pathetic people. I'll ask them what's so important, do they have an addiction or something, and if they realize how much of a loser they look like.


west coast tom. said...

Here in LA, it's SOO ridiculous. But imagine that times 12 (or so).

CaptiousNut said...

Maybe I should get a T-shirt printed up and wear it *out*:

"STOP Staring At Your Phone, LOSER!!"


A bumper sticker wouldn't be confrontational enough.