Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This Blog Is On Fire!

The other day Marginalizing Morons received its 400,000th recorded hit!

While I don't measure the success of this endeavor by *hits*, it's nonetheless a feat worthy of some self-admiration.

Recall I have set my ambitious goal for 2010 to reach 1 million hits. Obviously, that will require a geometric leap in my daily blog hits.

To that end, I've been trying to increase my posting output. Every month has to have over 100 posts.

And, believe it or not, these days I spend less time on my computer than I have at any point in the last five years, when I started MM.

More than a few people have asked me exactly what I get out of blogging. Fair question.

Putting aside the bottomless well of self-amusement, self-education, and therapeutic benefits of being CaptiousNut...

Consider that through blogging I discovered the boon of HOMESCHOOLING.

Go ahead, try to put a value on that!

Make sure y'all are following my son - The Youngest Blogger.


Anonymous said...

C: In your desire to hit 1m hits in 2010, please go for quality, not quantity. I don't hit blogs that just crank out posts to crank out posts--too much reading. I've enjoyed your posts to this point, and the volume is manageable.

CaptiousNut said...


I hear ya!

I'm only experimenting with upping my output a bit to see what it does to my traffic.

Every time I've increased my posting, hits have similarly risen.

Of course, there could be other factors there at work - like more people on the web, etc.

As it stands, even at my current pace I can't remember much of what I've written. I literally sometimes go back and read my own blog for *self-self-edification*!

Take a glance at my really old stuff. You'll see that over time I've gotten far more succinct.

While I have some low-end web-traffic counter on this site, it is still very hard to discern what readers really are interested in.

So I while I intend to keep my content appealing to earthlings, I generally focus it on what I'm doing, what interests and entertains me. That way I'm fully hedged no matter who reads.

Anonymous said...

C: I have read your blog for about 3 years now. I don't post much, but I enjoy your writing. I've read much of your old stuff (like the time you manned up and admitted to being an inattentive parent when your kid was sinking in the water.) I don't have kids but want to retroactively complement you on your candor about that matter. Takes stones to write about that.

Keep the good stuff coming. Your posts are quite readable. Don't get into posting just to post. While I can't speak for other readers, I enjoy substantive posts that you provide. I don't agree with all of the data, but it makes me think.