Friday, February 26, 2010

Yoga Goddesses - In Harmony With Men

So my wife actually got me a subscription to some yoga magazine for Christmas. I look oh-so-manly reading it out in public!

The first few issues just came and I've been perusing them.

I've NEVER seen more beautiful women in my life! And that counts robbing my friend's perverted uncle of a stack of Hustler magazines back in the prime of my pre-pubescence.

It did just hit me the other day, the basis for this attraction.

One might conclusion-jump and figure it's these broads' slender frames, their rock hard butts and abs, unimaginable flexibility, and beautifully perfect posture.

And that's what I had erroneously thought before my recent eureka moment...

Yoga chicks, like the diehards featured in industry periodicals, are goddesses, not because of their bods, but because they are *at peace with their souls* and *in harmony with the planet*!

The man's ideal woman would be teeming with chi, no? I just can't imagine any of these über-yoga women screaming at me because I, say, left dishes in the sink, or if I cut a juicy one at the dinner table.


Paul Mitchell said...

No, the real yoga chicks won't scream at you for leaving those dishes in the sink, because they are BAD housekeepers.

They are too busy in down dog or standing on their head to push a vacuum.

I know this from experience, too.

CaptiousNut said...

I think you're just AGAINST anyone in bare feet!

Paul Mitchell said...

I am certainly not against chicks doing yoga, in fact I prefer it. But dang, they are messy.

I am certainly pro-shod, though.