Sunday, February 14, 2010

No More Tears

Michelle Malkin writes:

Sufficient time has passed since John Murtha’s death to reckon with his true record. No tears for the wreckage, poison, and damage to the public trust he left behind.

Whoa!!! Those are some harsh, unsympathetic words! To spit on a man's grave...

Hold up there a minute.

Isn't this the same Michelle Malkin who lectured everyone not to cheer the windfall of Ted Kennedy's cancer diagnosis?

Recall what she sanctimoniously said, about 1.5 years ago:

Put aside your political differences and join me in keeping Sen. Ted Kennedy and his family in your prayers as they grapple with the news of his malignant brain tumor diagnosis.

So, has she seen the error of her ways? Has she coarsened over time?

Or does she just hold John Murtha in, well, a much, much lower regard?

I read her post (first link), and not being too acquainted with Murtha, I have to say, he sounded like a complete scumbag.

But still, he couldn't have been worse than Kennedy!

See - Holier Than Thou - Marginalizing Extreme Moderates - for Michelle's spotty schadenfreude record.

I was trying to find some fitting music on YouTube for this post, but all I could come up was this cacophony!

Oops....found another candidate - Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam - All Cried Out!!

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