Monday, February 01, 2010

Explaining Away The Good News

While us renting, cash-hoarding, stock market bears are happy to read news reports of bankrupt municipalities, crippling debt, and all sort of economic malaise....we also have to digest the occasional *positive* economic headline.

So judging through the narrow lens of *Super Bowl ads*, it appears that this dour economy has some life. $3 million per ad? Sounds downright bullmarkety!

Though I think it's short of last year's $206 million total ad take for NBC's broadcast.

AND, let's not forget that this has to be one of the most exciting Super Bowls in memory.

New Orleans verus Indianapolis looks to be nothing less than a clash of equally-matched titans. I'm not saying that the presence of Brett Favre's Vikings or the New York Jets wouldn't have had similar billing or ratings.

I'm just saying that anything read into the ad sales ought to consider the very compelling matchup.

I'll be rooting for the Saints or against Peyton Manning - however you want to look at it. Obviously, if the Colts win it'll raise Manning's stature above that of Tom Brady.

For sure, the game is going to flat-out suck. The last time I was this geeked up for such a (literal) heavyweight clash was....Tyson v. Holyfield!

After I paid $25 or so to get into a bar to watch it, Tyson bit Holyfield's ear off and the fight was depressingly ended after a mere three rounds!

Alright, for a refreshing bit of sports levity, see - Moronic Athletes. I posted that over three years ago. None of you have been reading me that long, right?

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