Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Meaningful Upticks?

So, at least in my mind, we're through the hUMp of the winter, i.e. January.

The days are getting longer; February is a short month; March and a whiff of spring will be here before you know it; I can almost visualize myself sneaking out onto a muddy golf course in two month's time.

Above is the *average* weather chart for Boston. Behold, February is 2 whole degrees warmer than January!!!

Last week the winter doldrums started to hit me. I couldn't sleep; my achy back is acting up; and my mood has been less than chipper. I'm simply not getting out of the house. The kids are sick again. Icy gray skies are an unrelenting opponent, a great usurper of chi. My head had been held high all winter long - until recently.

I have no respite planned; no southern getaway. Not only were my *2 months in Florida* plans foiled this year, I'm probably not even going down for a weekend. This will be the first winter in 16 years that I don't hop on a plane. This is how otherwise decent folk turn into stereotypical bitter Ma$$holes!

My little pipe dream now is to go to Naples in April and rent that place for $600.

Hmmmmm....83 degrees in Naples versus 57 degrees in Boston. If I can't bite the middle out of the winter, then why not chop off the tail? My wife positively hates April and May up here - as they're still cold, wet, and seemingly drag on forever.

My buddy down there asserts that "April is niiiiiice"; I guess because the 'old coot' snowbirds are gone AND because it's not too hot, yet. I had never really thought about going down at that time of year. In fact, I used to laugh at buddies who went to Myrtle Beach in April to play golf. Invariably, it'd be hot up north and I'd be playing locally.

I can't realistically see myself going down to Florida for April - especially not with all the crap going on with my *living situation*. But still, the mere hope might warm the bones.

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