Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Crap. That ain't Boston. No, those are the distinctive row homes and side streets of Philadelphia.

While we up here in Boston didn't get ANY snow from January 1 through February 16th....they've been hammered in the Mid-Atlantic region. I believe they were dealt 27 inches two weeks ago, followed by another 12 inches last week.

Today I called one of my South Philly GutterBuddies. I actually had to call him with somewhat of a *secret passcode*. I call, let it ring once and then hang-up. I wait a minute, then I dial him back. The lone ring is a signal to him that it isn't one of his normal PIA callers. Who needs caller ID?!?!?!

GB - I had to go the the bank the other day but had to walk. Because if I drove there someone would steal my parking space. I've already shoveled out three different spots.

CaptiousNut - How much snow is on the ground right now?

GB - I've got my Camaro parked out front right now. It's completely covered across the top!


Even when there's no snow the *brotherly love* types will kill each other over parking spots.

I remember one such incident. A co-worker of mine's grandfather(!), the crazy 'old coot' killed his life-long best friend over a parking spot dispute.

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