Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Predicted Tears

Last Wednesday, *grandpa* was here to visit with and watch my kids. I was hard at work on my PC when I heard some screaming and crying upstairs.

Calling upon my rich parental experience, I discerned from the tenor that there was no blood involved - and summarily ignored it.

But after 15 minutes of wailing, I had to go up and see *what grandpa was doing*. He does help me a lot, but sometimes when he or the other family *helpers* are here it just feels like instead of two kids to manage, now I've got three (or four)!

Atop the stairs I noticed that both doors were shut and there was commotion aplenty coming from each room.

Recall I turned the door knob around two summers ago. So I could lock my nocturnal 2 year old daughter in her room at night.

Well, apparently the Princess locked her brother and her grandfather in her bedroom. And then she saw fit to somehow lock HERSELF into the other bedroom, the Prince's.

Like my recent stock trades, I was accurate in my prediction, but the timing was way off. In August of 2008 I wrote:

However, a couple of things are certain:

1) My son will start locking her in her bedroom.

2) Nana and/or Grandpa (or Mrs. C-Nut) will get locked in her bedroom at least once before Christmas.

It's a darn good thing I was at home watching the watcher. And that invokes that famous latin expression:

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Wikipedia translates it explicitly as: Who will guard the guards themselves?

Or more roughly:

Who will watch the watchers?

Who will guard the guardians?

Who will police the police?

See also - On Child Incarceration.

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