Sunday, February 07, 2010

Be Different!

I've got to be the absolute ONLY person, or at least the only red-blooded, unsterilized male...

...who's not watching that American football game (Colts v. Saints) right now!

Freakin' Drudge has the score up atop his page. So at least I know now, early in the contest, to stay away, lest he frustrate my DVRing of the SuperBowl.

*Live sports* is for losers!

I hear it all the time from *young* old men - "I like" or "I need to watch the game live."

"But have you ever tried to watch it, *dead*? Have you ever tried to tape it and fast forward through the garbage?", I cross-examine.

The answer is *NO*, they haven't. Well that is an intellectually s-u-p-e-r-i-o-r position!

I tell them I've tried both approaches and DVRing is far superior.

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Paul Mitchell said...

Not the only, C-Nut. I can nothing about "professional" football.

Not only that, since the Saints are in the game, you would not be able to avoid the references to Hurricane Katrina, ironically on the day AFTER they elected as their new mayor, the BROTHER of the contractor of the levees that failed flooding the city, when Katrina totally missed New Orleans.

You see, New Orleans SUCKS.

(In an odd turn of events, my word verification is "SHAMICKA," the number one name of girls in the Lower Ninth Ward. Yes, I got a screengrab.)

Anonymous said...

Not the only one. I could give a rats ass about football. I didnt even know who was in the Super Bowl until Melissa told me today. Not sure how she even knew!

CaptiousNut said...



Some people might hold that ignorance against you!

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