Monday, February 01, 2010

Slapped By YouTube, Again

A week or so ago I received a YouTube message from some guy (Tom Mabe?) nicely telling me that he had sold the rights to his *Pranks* to Sony. He advised me to take down my little clip of his - one that had amassed 225,000 hits for my account.

I didn't take it too seriously, because, well these types of notices are common.

But soon after that, I got a *copyright violation* notice from YouTube. They said it was my second one and the next would result in a cancellation of my account. Crap! (The first offense was that Jewish girl pranking her parents about her new Italian boyfriend. But that was two freakin years ago.)

Now the last thing I need is for YouTube to delete my account. I'd have to create a new identity, rename and reload at least some of the videos. So I went ahead and deleted ANY clip of mine, no matter how obscure, that could net me another potential copyright violation.

Am I pissed at this?

Yeah, a bit. But Google dragged their feet long enough on this front. I commend them for standing up to the thugs.

It seems like I'm always in trouble with the law these days, doesn't it? With my eviction situation and whatnot...

Recall YouTube also slapped me for posting objectionable content recently - my clip of drowning a rat!

BTW, to hear that hilarious Jewish/Italian prank, click here.

Try as they might, those legal thugs haven't been able to erase it from the public domain!!!


Anonymous said...

I sense little fear and backing off your standoff with renter.

You intentionally took the steps that lead to what you call "eviction situation". I thought you had lots of leverage and on the "good side"; what happened?

now you are going to pay Feb rent, and you have concern about "eviction situation"

what does your lawyer say. i think you have nothing to worry.

CaptiousNut said...

I still have the leverage. I live here.

Haven't heard from my lawyer. And I haven't called him either.

Landlord sent me a check today for half of the interest I am due. Haven't seen him in a few days either.

My current plan is just as I articulated in the post. Though I am going to try to avoid court by threatening my landlord with *3 TIMES DAMAGES* on the failure to properly escrow my security deposit. He might blink on that; he might not.

Funny Circus Bears said...

Play the hand you're dealt. You're doing fine.