Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Cheesy Valentine's Day Post

Ever the romantic, last night, at the bar, upon demand from a random, I couldn't remember the name of my first wife and I's wedding song.

Here's what we danced to back in September of 2003 (don't ask me the precise date - I think it was a Saturday!):

As most of you discerning non-Morons are aware, I perpetually *rip* most things to shreds. I use terms like *worst*, *terrible*, *stinks*, more often than most people use the word *the*. And I definitely don't spare myself in this regard. When I err or botch, I'm usually the first and loudest critic.

Having said all that, I still think that my wife and I chose a spectacular wedding song. The words are poignant; it was timely for our relationship; and *All My Life* obviously was a little different. Again, y'all that are paying attention must realize that we march to our own beat here in the C-Nut family - literally, from the get-go!

However, one criticism that can, and has been leveled at our song choice was that it might have been a little too *non-white*. But you have to understand, my wife is 100% Sicilian!

How many standard, country club, *steak, fish, or chicken* weddings, where they dance to *At Last*, do y'all want to go to anyway?

I think I've been to 30 weddings in my life. And yet I can only remember 3 of the wedding songs: *At Last*, *From This Moment*, and I think my sister did a U2 song (*Beautiful Day*?).

On another note, I can remember almost EVERY SINGLE best man speech.

Why's that? Well, because MOST of them were *terrible* or *stunk*. And two in particular that I have witnessed might be the *worst* ever delivered at such an occasion!

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CaptiousNut said...

Mine was good!

And, you mightn't believe this, but it ain't ever been easy to say *nice things* about me!