Sunday, February 14, 2010

BYO-Hot Sauce

So I'm at that highflying Chipotle Mexican Grill the other day...

I order my usual, a steak burrito, and the girl behind the counter gravely warns me that *it's our spiciest meat*.

I was slightly taken aback by the disclaimer but joked:

CaptiousNut - That's why I want it!

But do y'all know why they ask? It's because of those darned 'old coot' New Englanders; those old farts don't like anything beyond *meat and potatoes*.

A perfect example would be my grandparents. They would eat bland-a$$ slop like meat and potatoes and pot roast seemingly every other night. Furthermore, they thought even basics like *spaghetti sauce* were TOO SPICY. My beloved MIL falls into this *tasteless* category as well.

As the Prince and I am almost done eating our lunch, a couple of nonagenarians seat themselves at the adjacent table. Not two minutes later, the 'old bag' was fetching the manager because the 'old coot' found his burrito *too spicy* for consumption. THAT is why they have to warn everyone! The manager even said they let people *sample* the meats - just so they don't have to go through this 50 times a day with the fossils.

Why would this issue rile me up?

Well, because we don't have any good ethnic restaurants up here in Boston PRECISELY BECAUSE OF THESE WEAK-STOMACHED dinosaurs. The few Thai and Indian restaurants in these parts are dwarfed by the sheer number of *American* or *pub fare* eateries. Burgers, fries, potato skins,...and even worse, these places ALL carry antiquated inedibles like chicken pot pie and beef stew, that's it. No one even really needs a menu! I don't know why they just don't put Ensure directly on the menu!

I don't blame the restaurants, they have to cater to the market - and that's what the out-eating, moneyed market is here, 'old coots' and 'old bags'.

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