Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Mumps Quackccine

Here's the article.

And here's the jaw-dropper:

Lakewood, New Jersey, Rabbi Yehunda Pirutinsky was surprised when his 14-year-old son was diagnosed with mumps a week ago. Lakewood is in Ocean County.

"He was completely vaccinated," Pirutinsky said. "So it was a surprise to us he came down with mumps."

Anyone fully vaccinated from mumps receives two doses of the vaccine, according to the CDC. Of the New Jersey cases, 77 percent were vaccinated, Terjesen said.


There you have it, a whopping *77%* of the infected were vaccinated - or so they thought.

Y'all run out there and get your pig flu shots now. I hear they're on sale!

See also - The Bizarro World Of Pig Flu Hysterics.

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Paul Mitchell said...

The Walgreens around the corner from my crib has more H1N1 vaccine signs than signs at an Obama concert. I am still not going to get one because I want to know what Swine Flu feels like.

If I can ever get the danged DISEASE.