Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Surrogate Homeschooling Parents

My wife and I have been reading a $hitload to our kids - particularly my wife, and particularly to our son.

As he's gotten older, his books have gotten less *infantile* and hence more bearable. But still, we've about had it will the silly kid plots. After all, how much of this junk can you read before your mind turns to mush? Between the two of us, the 5.26 year old Prince probably gets read to 1.5 hours every day.

While I had discovered the wonders of audiobooks some months back, Mrs. C-Nut just improved upon that.

With this A-Z Mystery series he's been enjoying, now my wife is getting him the book along with the audiobook! This way he can read along with. WHEW!!! We really needed a break from *Josh, Ruth Rose, and Dink*. (And who the [bleep] names a kid 'Dink' anyway?!)

A little while ago, around 9pm, I went up to check on my son. He had just read/listened to a whole 85 page book all on his own since he mother *put him to bed*....and he was up to Chapter 7 of the next book. I made him turn if off - not because I care about him staying up late, but because I can't have him exhausting all the audiobooks we just checked out, not so soon anyway!

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