Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Movie Rec - Once Upon A Time In America

I had never even heard of this classic motion picture until seeing it on color TV last week.

It is LONG (229 minutes) and CHEESY - definitely far from one of the all-time best mobster flicks.

But still, I found it decent. I'm partial to these older, low-dialogue films (another example would be The Deerhunter). In general, there's too much talking in life all-around; I really only enjoy hearing myself anyway! And, for us budding 'old coots', it's interesting to see what today's stars were like 25 years ago: Robert Di Niro, Joe Pesci, James Woods, Danny Aiello, Burt Young, et al.

IMDB readers agree with me. They rate it highly (8.4 out of 10 stars) despite the weak story-line and despite the competition within this genre.

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