Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pagans Blowing It...

When Windmills Don’t Spin, People Expect Some Answers

Turbines, more than 100 feet tall, were installed last year in 11 Minnesota cities to provide power, and also to serve as educational symbols in a state that has mandated that a quarter of its electricity come from renewable resources by 2025.

One problem, though: The windmills, supposed to go online this winter, mostly just sat still, people in cities like North St. Paul and Chaska said, rarely if ever budging. Residents took note. Schoolchildren asked questions. Complaints accumulated.


Well, the first thing I'd do if my windmill stopped to check and make sure it was plugged in properly!

Hey, as least this article had to stones (or oversight!) to call them what they were *symbols* - even if the modifier ought to be changed from educational to *pagan*.

And I must say, I was surprised to see this article in the NYT. In the *old days*, they'd never slip up like this!

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CrisisMaven said...

Hilarious if it weren't so stupid and sad. Wind energy with its smallness and unpredictability costs, all told, between 10 and 100 times more than from normal sources plus upsets all the grids leading to dangerous spikes or troughs. Anyhow, by the time the country runs out of subsidies and goes bakrupt these follies will eventually straighten themselves out as is the way with all luxury. Seeing homeschooling looms large on your blog's tag cloud: Perhaps this Economics and Statistical Reference Inventory ( can be of help in your endeavours.