Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Skinny Bull Market

I'm not watching the market too closely at all - seeing how my shorts have been pared and transformed into *out month* put positions...

So seeing that the averages jumped this afternoon, I had to assume that my nearly *100% short* portfolio took a hit.

But my brokerage account is only showing a loss of $86.98 today....So the banks and the REITs mustn't have participated much in the rally I guess. (Or, my option marks were unrealistically favorable.)

Something must have gone up today, at least some Dow components. But I just don't follow the details anymore.

On another note, all I had to do was *think* about shorting restaurants as I did two days ago. See - Short Restaurants?...

And look at Buffalo Wild Wings, one of the nose-bleeders I profiled...

It's trading down 13% after the close after reporting earnings!


Anonymous said...

i thought you were a former banker/trader now trading for yourself from home? i know you are kind of stay at home dad big on home-schooling.

have u reduced your trading recently? how do u keep busy entire day when not home-schooling.

CaptiousNut said...

I've been trading completely on my own for 10 years. From the option pit in Philly to an office in NYC for a few years. After that, I just traded over the internet from wherever I lived: NC and MA.

As the kids have come along, I've done more and more intermediate-long term trading. Obviously, I'm pretty busy with them since I've never outsourced any aspect of my parenting.

My trading has also been reduced lately because I got killed in the last 10 months of this bear market rally.

Look at my archives from last Feb and March and you'll see I was more active.