Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Debt Collecting Vultures

So my phone was ringing off the hook today. It was some debt collection agency calling for my landlord. Three different people have called so far (a few times each) - and I offered them all the same deal.

CaptiousNut - If you tell me how much he owes, and who he owes it to....I will give you his contact information.

All three of them turned me down!

I really tried to sell my propostion too:

CaptiousNut - I have his address, his cell phone, his work phone, his email addresses....he changes addresses and uses different names. It's going to be hard to find him...

But still, none of them bit!

One of the debt collectors tried to turn my *deal* against me. After I told her that her company was calling me all day, she essentially said they would continue to bother me if I didn't give up his actual contact info.

CaptiousNut - Wait, let me get this straight. YOU ARE THREATENING TO HARASS ME IF I DON'T TELL YOU HOW TO REACH HIM?!?!?!

That one hung up quickly. But she's right. Until I *give it up*, I'll most likely be bearing the brunt of the harassment meant for my scumbag landlord!

Of course, I do very much want them molesting him; I won't play this game for long.

But the next time they call and ask if I am him....I will simply say *yes....how much do I owe?*.

I say good luck to these hopeful debt-collectors, because there's no meat left!


Unknown said...


Your Blog is the best thing about the Internet (besides porn).

Saw this article in the in NY Times Magazine:


It is a bit long but I thought it was really interesting.

Apparently Gov. School text books are chosen by a bunch of Red Necks in Texas who think we should make Christianity the National Religion.

neil said...

Interesting article James. Those morons who state the founders thought we should be a Christian nation should actually read Thomas Paine http://www.ushistory.org/Paine/reason/singlehtml.htm

Certainly not all the founders would agree with Paine on that pamphlet but many shared a fear of organized religion's role in government, Jefferson comes to mind the most there.

I have no problem with anyone's religious beliefs but feel that Church and State should have a level of separation.

CaptiousNut said...


I read almost half of that article. I did find it very interesting for reasons that, well, others might not share. I may *bring it to the front page* when I get a chance to finish it.


Putting aside Paine, the Founders, et al for a moment...

Wouldn't the best way to *separate church and state* be to shrink the size of the state down to a bare minimum?

How could a small state propagate religion? Of course, it couldn't.

Nor could a small state interfere with the freedom of worship.

CaptiousNut said...

Check out my post from two years ago:

What Separation Of Church And State?

neil said...

Assuming big religion doesn't overwhelm (a smaller) big government-i may agree with you on that one :)