Saturday, February 06, 2010

Naples - The Path Is Clear!

My wife said to me the other day, "You get the housing situation settled....and we can go to Naples for the month of April."


That's provided of course, that the guy I rented from last year was still offering it to me for the pittance of $600. Mind you, that's only $20 per day!

Well, since it looks like immediate eviction is off the table, we should at least have this rat-infested place in Boston secured though May - I would think.

PLUS, this year's potential trip has the added bonus that my wife should be able to spend much of the month with me and the kids. You see, technically she works out of a Metro NYC office these days. So it doesn't really matter whether or not she logs-in and answers her phone from Boston, Florida, or wherever. And with only a $600 lodging bill, there's definitely money in the budget to fly her back and forth a couple of times - if need be.

With my old lady down there, even if she has to bunker down in the condo and work 5 days a'll make the trip SO MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE, as I won't be the harried, exhausted single parent that I effectively was last January on my own.

Hah! April in Florida....reason #9,532 to homeschool your brood!

Nothing's definite yet, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

For background see - Forgetting Florida.


Paul Mitchell said...

I sure am happy that your wife gave you permission to slip off to Flarda for the month. Don't forget your purse and shawl, Nancy.

Funny Circus Bears said...

That entire post did come off as rather...unmasculine.

CaptiousNut said...


I admit that *yipppeeeee!* was a little g@y.

But on the other hand, I'm not about to take poop from one guy that wears earrings....and another whose balls have been surgically deactivated!

No doubt, both of your wives still have their maiden names to boot.

Go ahead, come at me again!

Funny Circus Bears said...

I chuckled. You'll figure it out.