Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Animal Attraction

From Reuters:

Rather than spending Valentine's Day with their partner, one-fifth of adults would prefer to be with their pet...

"Likely defying stereotype, the desire to spurn a partner for a pet is not rooted in gender but rather age and even there it seems the older you are, the least likely it is you'd choose pet over partner," said Wright.

"While there are country differences, it's more of a personal choice made by younger and less affluent individuals."

On a country-by-country basis, residents of Turkey were the most likely, at 49 percent, to choose their pet over their spouse or partner.

So people really romance their animals in Turkey, eh?

That *study* reminds me of that Hungarian classmate of mine at UPenn...

My roommate and I got him to admit that his *first love* was a sheep!

Roommates - It was a 'cultural thing', right?

AnimalLover - YEAH. YEAH. Everyone does it!


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Anonymous said...

This is beneath contempt. Remove it immediately. Do you remember in your religious training the expression " a sin that cries out to the world for vengance"?