Thursday, February 26, 2009

Debt = Wealth?

I never heard of either of these guys before, Jan Helfield and Pete Stark, a Congressional Moron from California.

Pete Stark - The national debt measures....the wealth....the wealthier we are. It's an indication of the wealth of the country. [sic]

Thanks to Taylor for the pointer. He also likes this one which I haven't yet had time to view.


Taylor Conant said...

I found this interviewer (Jan Helfeld) and his videos on Bob Murphy's Free Advice blog. The stupidity, aggression and absolute rejection of reason by these politicos is... devastating. Helfeld can get ahead of himself at times, but overall he keeps it "Socratic" and does a good job of making these fools incredibly uncomfortable on camera as they contradict themselves over and over again using their flawed assumptions about reality and political systems.

It all, in the end, comes down to a belief in special rules for non-existent collective entities. That's really where all the confusion comes from.

There's a lot of intellectual poison out there to neutralize.

Oh, and I like almost all of these interviews, for different reasons, so I suggest anyone who enjoys watching Pete Stark blow up hit up Helfeld's YouTube channel and watch some more. Truly puzzling stuff.

Taylor Conant said...


He certainly proves to be a worthy challenger from this clip alone. However, Jan got Bernie Sanders AND Barney "The Lisp" Frank on vid, as well.

Then again, Pelosi and Frank come across as equally ignorant/aggressive in defending their beliefs on minimum wage laws.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! How could I ever forget about our esteemed Ms. Pelosi?
You're right: Barney Frank is worthy competition.

CaptiousNut said...


I've had this debate with Californians on Rich Karlgaard's blog.

Let's just say the populace is dumber here in Mass.

auntulna said...

Remember the name Pete Stark. He has already done a lot, and promises to do much more, to wreck the remaining innovation and freedom in the health care system (his pet project for years now). And to those who can give twenty examples of how screwed up our health care system is, it will get worse, so much worse, if he has his way.