Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Morning Levity

So last week we were at the Y for swim lessons....

Kids aren't allowed in the adult locker room, but I have no shame flaunting that rule. My Captious 4-year old son came right with me. After we were done in the pool and back in the room full of nasty, naked 'old coots' who for some reason simply have to stay un-clad for as long as humanly possible....

Prince C-Nut - HEY DAD....THAT GUY'S FAT!!!


Two minutes later:



I used caps and exclamation points above but I'm not sure that I've adequately conveyed how LOUD my son bellowed his Captious remarks in an otherwise dead-quiet locker room.

I was mortified and trying not to fall over laughing all at once. And, I don't embarrass easily - which those unlucky enough to know me can testify to.

Hopefully my son inspired a few fat nudists in there to 1) get back on the treadmill and 2) cover their inglorious bodies!

See why kids are banned from the locker room?

Query - Do 'old bags' also traipse around locker rooms naked?

One of my female readers is going to have to answer this one.

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