Friday, February 06, 2009

I Had To Google Her - Delilah

Delilah After Dark, that is.

I don't know how many years I've heard her on the radio. At first I assumed she was a local DJ. Later on I realized she was broadcasting nationwide. Apparently she makes at least $6 million annually spinning *sappy love songs* for the broken-hearted.

What an easy gig she's got! I could do that. My voice is so much sexier and would be far more pleasing to the ears of weary, lonely wage slaves.

AND, I would do it for only $4.2 million (plus benefits).


Anonymous said...

Her show is always on when I go to the hairstylist. The stylists, and myself are in complete agreement that she is overpaid by $5,999,999.

CaptiousNut said...

Yeah, we'd be better off as a society if we more often heeded the consensus wisdom of hairstylists!

I don't necessarily think Delilah's *overpaid* (like Oprah), I just want her job. If she wasn't overpaid, what would I envy?

You're a South Shore girl, huh?