Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Politics Of Fear

Translation --> Pass Obama's $850 billion *stimulus* package that's currently before Congress.

Oooooh....I'm like so wicked scared!

Flashback to 14 months ago, on the campaign trail:

"We can’t afford the same politics of fear that invokes 9/11 as a way to scare up votes," he declared before banners proclaiming a new slogan: "Stand for Change."

This little angle is being covered all over the web today and usually I strive to do my own thing. But I wanted to post it because I've been highlighting fear-mongering for a while now. In particular, as far as these disastrous Congressional *bailouts* go, see my prior post John Maudlin - Fear Peddling Elitist. That one has gotten a surprising amount of hits so far.

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