Monday, February 16, 2009

Here's A Tax Raise!

Link here.

I think I read where Californias were also going to get their income tax rebates in an *untimely manner*.

Automatic tax withholding, by employers, coerced by Big Government, is a Constitutional abomination that would spin the Founders in their graves. The notion that pols take their cut FIRST implies we are their SLAVES.

Think about it. The government claiming a share of all of our property (via property taxes) and of all our a de facto institution of slavery!

I'm not being hyperbolic here. Compose your own definition of *slavery* and get back to me.

This reminds me. It's time I started doing my taxes. It'll probably take 30 hours for me to get my capital gains correct, again.


Taylor Conant said...

You're sounding more and more like a CaptiousLibertarian and/or CaptiousAnarcho-Capitalist every single day!

CaptiousNut said...

What can I say?

You learned me!