Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Mrs. C-Nut Dragging Me Into The 21st Century

Since I refused to buy my wife a GPS (or anything else really) for Christmas, she bought one herself. That's it above, one of Garmin's models. I think it retails for $200-$300 but am not very sure. Mrs. C-Nut got it for free *with points*.

I have to admit it's pretty cool. I can make do fine without it, but its big benefit, IMO, is that it can quickly confirm your directional hunches. It also allows you to search for hotels, parks, and other attractions. A drawback is that it can make one overly-reliant upon it. The device didn't really work in downtown Baltimore (not exactly place to get lost) - and I hear that is par for most other inner cities with tall buildings.

Wow. Garmin's stock has been crushed. Looks like they have $500 million in cash and zero debt. There must be something going on to explain this crash and a still significant short position (8.5% of the float). After all, GPS signals are *free* - any device can pull them down. I guess cell phones (and iPhones/iPods) will be incorporating GPS technology pretty soon- if they haven't already.

So since my wife got the GPS and she's now on Facebook....all we need is an iPod to get completely up to date!


Funny Circus Bears said...

Many cell phones have been including this feature for quite some time. Owning a cell phone and a GPS device is redundant.

Anonymous said...

I heard your *friends* with Perry on Fbook - hahaa!

CaptiousNut said...

I won't do Facebook until you can *foe* someone.

Anonymous said...

GPS is cool for sure, but its day is almost over. Soon enough your cell phone and car will have a link up to the web and get directions that way. The idea of separate unit for it, or even an in dash one, will be like black and white TV. See what Microsoft & Ford are working on to get an idea for the next step.

Slow out.

If i was the Garmin CEO I would be taking the cash and hoarding it for the inevitable end. Soon enough they will be back to only selling the units to outdoorsy folks who are out of cell range. Like me.